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We at BestOdoo providing affordable Odoo application development services, to make your business run seamlessly. We have couple dozen of years of industry experiences in developing robust custom applications. Beside of developing Odoo application, we also providing support and maintenance services. We have been serving Houston Texas businesses with software developments for the last 20 years

About Odoo

Odoo is an open source resource planning framework with end-to-end custom business solutions and built-in modules.

Applications such as Accounting, Financial, Marketing, Sales, Payroll, Employee Management, Project Management, CRM, E-commerce, and many others, can be customized with Odoo.
Odoo application development is very cost-effective when compared to other frameworks.  Odoo modules are quite user-friendly for wide range of businesses, and Odoo’s popularity is shouldered upon its easy customization capabilities.

Easy to use for anyone

It has a standarized interface with many build-in features, user friendly, and quickly  witching between views.

Low cost

The user cost is less than 1/5 th that of Microsoft NAV

Large users base

Odoo has more than 4 million users and large base of developers worldwide

Expand as you grow

You don’t have to implement all features at one, just install what needed for the time being, plus it can be customized to adapt to your business demands

Full Features

If you looking for Accounting, Warehouse, Purchasing, HR, etc. solutions, it has them all in one solution.

Access anywhere

Cloud based web application with responsive design

Centralize database

Has a centralized data for all modules, analyze report can be easily created to help user focus on business only.

Easy Integration

Odoo is known for its easy to configure nature. Many of the ERP systems face issues with data consistency and business processes.

Why should you need the Odoo Consulting Services?

The main Odoo consulting services’ goal is to help its clients achieve success in the Odoo implementation of their business management software projects, and in the same time obtain as much benefits from the Odoo software platform as possible.
Odoo platform is intuitive and notorious for its simple of use, when coupling with a proper and correct setup, makes it a powerful and useful tools for client’s needs.
The role of Odoo consulting services is to assist and support its clients in all Odoo implementation stages: business requirements definition, technical configuration, legacy data migration, system testing, end user training, short term and long term supports, including but not limited to change requests.

How would you come about choosing an Odoo consultant?

Ability to find the good Odoo consultant is rather crucial to the success of your Odoo implementation, and to grow your business.

You should take into account the following criteria when looking for the best Odoo consulting:

  • Consultant’s experiences with Odoo and related software platforms
  • Type of companies that the consultant been working with
  • Consultant’s availability to finish your Odoo project in a timely manner
  • Consultant availability to meet in person

BestOdoo, an Odoo solution and Odoo partner

As the name indicated, BestOdoo’s main focus is in Odoo solution, we are experts in Odoo consulting and has been helping business since 2000 with their CRM and ERP projects leveraging Odoo business management software.
BestOdoo is an Odoo partner and employs the best methodologies to implement Odoo solutions for client’s environment, with the goal of increase client’s productivity.
BestOdoo helps you to define the needs and requirements, to configure your Odoo, to develops additional and custom solutions and modules as needed, to train your users and employees, and to carry out follow-up with rigorous and responsive customer support.

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