Odoo Key Features

Odoo framework has been designed explicitly to improve the businesses performance.  Odoo has a wide functional coverages to seamlessly running the business.


Odoo accounting features are ledger, cost accounting, tax management, assets, invoicing just to name a few.


Odoo CRM efficiently manages sale leads, opportunities and tasks with automated communications.

Purchase Management

Odoo purchase management track orders and quotes with expected delivery date, as well as supplier’s quote and convert them in to purchase order.

Warehouse Management

Odoo warehouse management provides clear and concise warehouses information and stock locations

Invoicing & Billing

Odoo invoicing and billing features come with a professional looks and automatically email PDF invoices.

Sales Management

Odoo sales management is structured and hierarchical, allowing new and existing orders to be cross-checked with delivery confirmation.

Project Management

Odoo project management handles multiple projects and sub-projects with minimal limitations.  Tasks scheduling, prioritization, and email notifications can be easily accomplished.

Ecommerce Management

Odoo ecommerce management manages payments and shipping methods to provide a smooth shopping experiences.

Odoo Features

With more than 10,000 apps, Odoo covers most if not all your business needs in a single-stop solution, no longer interfacing between different software is required.  Odoo apps are integrated to one other, allowing your business processes to be fully automated

Why you choose Odoo for your business?

Modular Software

Odoo consists of various modules according to the business requirement like sales, Marketing, HR management, accounting and many more. You need to choose what you need and one can also add modules in the future.

App and Themes

Hundreds of new app and themes are available in the Odoo Marketplace to choose and these help to get an extent design interface with functionalities in application development.

Affordable in Pricing

The enterprise edition of Odoo is not free but it takes a reasonable price for licensing compare to other software and helps you not to invest more.

Open Source & Free

Constant updating in the framework is required for new feature and functionalities and the licensing cost is little expensive. As Odoo is open source, it saves lots of license cost and can be customized according to your business needs.

All in One Software

Odoo has various modules and native integrations to process all business functions in a single place. This makes Odoo is the ideal choice for a business with all classes with multiple business functionalities.

Large Community

Odoo has more than 2 million users and developers worldwide and the Odoo developer uses its multiple functionalities to deliver productive software and applications




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